Anonymous said: What schools did you choose UChicago over?

jhu. cornell. dartmouth (and a ton of other schools) 

I highly suggest visiting (any) campus if you can, like really REALLY try to visit

Anonymous said: How intense is UChicago? I know that this question is probably just so common and annoying for you, so I apologize in advance. But it just seems so cold and intense; those factors seem to be synergistic in terms of stress. Also, what other schools did you choose between.

No, it’s a totally valid question. I had the same one coming in.

I’m not going to sit here and say that uchicago is a totally manageable all the time and that your success in high school will equate success here. it’s one of the top schools in the nation and even the world, so obviously the environment is academically rigorous. I spend a lot of time studying/in the library and even more time in class.

That being said, it is definitely not the most stressful environment i’ve ever been in. people here really, for the most part, are learning for the sake of learning.

you will go out even though you have a paper due in two days you haven’t started, bake some cookies for your sick friend even though you have a midterm, and even forget to turn in an assignment on time (shocking, I know). you will be fine. the most challenging part, I think, will be adjusting to this new environment and making a new home for yourself 

as for the cold, yeah it sucks.

honestly, just take the shuttles and buses everywhere and make sure to work out in ratner a few times a week to keep you active. i’m from the south and freaking hate the cold, but i’m surviving and still love being in chicago. 

I get to read The Lord of the Rings and graphic novels and call it background research.


English, University of Chicago.


"I’m trying to stay calm while watching all my friends get accepted to Ivy League schools."


"I’m trying to stay calm while watching all my friends get accepted to Ivy League schools."

If you expand eligibility for Medicaid, more people will enroll.


Ph.D. in Public Policy Studies, University of Chicago

The amount of time that humans devote to altering the physical state of butter proves that the medium is more than just a spread, and is in fact a physical manifestation of excessive human pride in their own creations.


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"It’s like negative hella degrees outside"

— The entire country of America (via puppynatalieforscience)

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Anonymous said: What house are you in? I am still debating which ones to put on my housing app

I’d rather not disclose that just because uchicago is small enough to figure out who I am pretty quickly. But I can tell you that we used to be in Pierce. 

I’m pretty sure the housing app doesn’t allow you to pick specific houses (unless it’s changed from prior years). However, specific buildings generally have similar house cultures. 

Snell-Hitch/BJ/far away dorms are more “uchicago”/strong house culture and Max/South are “normal college-ish”/less house culture. I wrote up a post before if you want to read about it and looking online/the housing website is a pretty good bet. 

Keep the questions coming! 


This is my nightmare.


This is my nightmare.

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When I make the mistake of leaving my house when it’s still snowy outside