The amount of time that humans devote to altering the physical state of butter proves that the medium is more than just a spread, and is in fact a physical manifestation of excessive human pride in their own creations.


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"It’s like negative hella degrees outside"

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Anonymous said: What house are you in? I am still debating which ones to put on my housing app

I’d rather not disclose that just because uchicago is small enough to figure out who I am pretty quickly. But I can tell you that we used to be in Pierce. 

I’m pretty sure the housing app doesn’t allow you to pick specific houses (unless it’s changed from prior years). However, specific buildings generally have similar house cultures. 

Snell-Hitch/BJ/far away dorms are more “uchicago”/strong house culture and Max/South are “normal college-ish”/less house culture. I wrote up a post before if you want to read about it and looking online/the housing website is a pretty good bet. 

Keep the questions coming! 


This is my nightmare.


This is my nightmare.

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When I make the mistake of leaving my house when it’s still snowy outside


Everything Henry II and Thomas Becket did was pretty much just a giant slapfight.


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Just put me out of my misery uchicago

Just put me out of my misery uchicago

Anonymous said: I'm a junior in high school and I'm starting to look at colleges right now. What are your favourite and least favourite things about UChicago?

perfect timing because I really don’t want to type up this job application

as if now, these are my favourite (with a “u” because you used one!!) and least favorite things

Least Favorite Things

1. My schedule. I can’t really complain because I did this to myself, but I’m a bio pre-med taking a language “for fun” so I literally have class at 9:30AM everyday until 12:30 and then usually lab/discussion/tutorial/class until four-ish. In addition, I have clubs or extra classes that meet every night and I workout for like an hourish everyday. 

That’s without homework and studying. 

2. Hum. I have always been more of a history person rather than a literature person so a lot of the readings for hum see unnecessary (which they often are…) and some of the people in my section are super duper annoying. I struggle through it because of the core, but honestly I wish I didn’t have to take it. 

3. The amount of time I have to spend on Chem. I have ~10 hours of class time for chem and spend hours (upwards of 10) doing problem sets, lab reports, and studying at week. 

4. Some of the racism/sexism I have experienced. I’ll leave that for a separate post later as I become more familiar with the university. 

5. The weather (anything under 75 for me is cold so yeah)

Favorite Things

1. My Schedule (gotcha) 

The busyness makes me feel like I actually growing as an individual and a student so it’s okay from first week to like sixth/seventh week. After that, I’m dying a little bit inside. It’s worth it. 

2. My House: Literally the coolest, most fun, obnoxious, weirdest, and smartest group of kids you could put together. We have people from all over the country and the world from a multitude of backgrounds. I know I’ve met some of my best friends over the next four years and will have a group of people whom I can call at any time. Of course there’s always petty drama and the occasional argument, but we really would do anything for each other. 

3. The Core. I’m very much a Type A personality who requires structure at ALL times and knowing all the classes I need to take in the future has been so great. I get to take history class eventually (!!!) 

4. The relationships I have with upperclassmen. So invaluable. They’re experiences (academically and non-academically) have been frank and true to my experience. This has come from my house, my classes, and my clubs. 

5. HARPER TUTORS. I swear by them. So they’re basically free tutors in harper library from sunday to thursday that you can go to and ask any questions. I go to the chem ones every sunday and tuesday (we’re friends basically) and the writing ones before every hum paper.

I love answering questions as I love uchicago—keep them coming!! I hope this helps!!

uchicago in a nutshell 

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onsereverra said: How would you recommend getting a feel for the "house culture" of each of the houses UChicago? I've been doing a lot of reading about the kinds of rooms etc. in different buildings but I'm struggling to get a feel for their personality, so to speak. Any advice?

It’s really hard to get a sense of house culture from the online sources because each house is SO different. However, the general cultures of the buildings are pretty accurate. 

Obviously, many of the statements below will be generalizations so I suggest (if you can) to visit and see as many dorms as you can OR find some people/upperclassmen who lived in the dorms.

Please note on the housing application, you pick your top 3 BUILDINGS and not HOUSES you live in. I think you can pick one house you want to live in, but you don’t rank the houses like the buildings. 

If you want a strong house culture (generally) 

Blackstone, Breck, Broadview, Maclean, Stony are all far-ish from campus so that’s why they’re known for having a stronger house culture. BJ and Snell-Hitchcock are just known for being more “uchicago.” 

If you don’t want strong house culture 

Max and South are closer to campus and usually don’t have a really strong house culture simply because the buildings are so massive. However, i know of people in both who really like their house even if it’s not the stereotypical uchicago dorm experience. 

Depends on the House 

I know people in both who really like and dislike their house in new grad and I-house. I can’t really give any more detail about those two. The lost tribes of pierce are in both of those buildings and some have more house culture than the others. 

These are broad generalizations. Some house within the building have more house culture that others and “house culture”/ what you get out of it is very different. Visit the websites, talk to some students, look up house traditions and try to get the best feel. 

oh and ask me more questions if you want.